Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report - Thursday, October 12, 2017 - Colodny Fass

Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report - Thursday, October 12, 2017

Date Published: 10-12-2017


Florida Appeals Court Upholds Major Tobacco Verdict

Though it raised concerns about a jury instruction, a State Appeals Court Wednesday upheld a nearly $35 Million Verdict against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in the Death of a Longtime Smoker.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via


Destruction Numbers Are In, And They’re Huge

Hurricane Irma destroyed 675 Residential and Commercial Structures in Unincorporated Monroe County and damaged thousands of others, according to a Preliminary Assessment by County Government Staff.  Larry Kahn reports for the Florida Keynoter.


Universal Reports $350 Million To $450 Million In Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims

The Company, parent of Universal Property & Casualty, Florida’s largest Insurer, said in a news release that it has had about 50,000 Claims related to Irma from Florida and other affected States in the Southeast.  Ron Hurtibise reports for the Sun-Sentinel.


King Tides, Hurricane Debris Leave Portions Of South Florida Flooded

The Wet Weather and King Tides together are making for some of the the worst Coastal Flooding, Residents say they’ve seen in years.  Ryan Van Velzer reports for the Sun-Sentinel.


City Of St. Augustine’s Sunny Day Flooding Fix Moves Ahead

After securing Approval for a Cost-Share Program, the City ordered valves for stormwater outfall pipes to get rid of Sunny Day Flooding in Davis Shores, the kind of flooding that comes not from rain but from high tides.  Sheldon Gardner reports for the St. Augustine Record.


This Company Wants To Stop Floods Before They Happen

Hurricane Irma recently provided a real life test when it swept through Ormond Beach, Florida, where Opti Systems are installed at Five Interconnected Lakes.  Katy Scott reports for CNN.


Officials:  Florida Has The Most Fraud Complaints In The Nation

More Fraud Complaints are made in Florida than any other State, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Last year, 269,117 Fraud Complaints were Filed — or 1,306 Complaints out of every 100,000 Residents.  Genevieve DiNatale reports for the Northwest Florida Daily News.

·         State Vets 240 Local Price-Gouging Complaints

·         Miami Agency Owner Charged with Creating Fake Policies, Stealing $276K in Premiums


Without Citrus Rescue, Florida Officials Say Industry Will Wither

Florida Lawmakers are warning that Americans better get used to drinking orange juice from Brazil if they can't secure the Federal Help to Rescue the State's Billion-Dollar Citrus Industry ravaged by Hurricane Irma.  Ledyard King reports for USA Today.

·         Bleak Outlook For Florida Agriculture After Irma


Hurricane Irma's Runoff Draws Brown Line Of Pollution On Florida's Atlantic Coast

Rainfall Runoff and Lake Okeechobee discharges since Hurricane Irma hit Florida last month have turned miles of Atlantic Beaches and Indian River Lagoon Waters the color of coffee.  Tyler Treadway reports for USA Today.


Low-Income Pool Medicaid Money Falls Short Of Initial Estimates

At the height of a Budget Showdown earlier this year, Governor Rick Scott said his friendship with President Donald Trump‘s Administration would result in Florida getting $1.5 Billion to help the State’s Hospitals.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via WLRN.


Panama City School Board:  Drop Club Insurance Requirement

A Revised Policy Exempting School, Booster and Parent-Teacher Clubs from purchasing their own Liability Insurance when using School Facilities again split Board Members and District Staff during Tuesday’s Meeting.  Eryn Dion reports for the Panama City News-Herald.


Senate May Tap Reserves To Plug $1.6B Budget Hole

With Medicaid Costs Rising and Tax Revenue Socked by Hurricane Irma, Senate President Joe Negron says next year's Legislative Session may include tapping into the State's $3.8 Billion in Cash Reserves.   Arek Sarkissian reports for


Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Condo Owners in Pensacola Beach Property Tax Controversy

An Appeals Court has Ruled that Condo Owners of Two Pensacola Beach Developments do not have to pay Property Taxes on their Condo Developments' Land as it is Owned by Escambia County.  Jim Little reports for the Pensacola News-Journal.


Hurricanes Leave Uncertainty In School Enrollment

The impact of Hurricanes may be a complicating factor as Lawmakers try to figure out how many Students are in Florida’s Public Schools this year and how many might show up next year.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via


Senator Jeff Brandes Calls For Legislature To “Deep Dive” Into Juvenile Justice System

The Lawmaker who oversees a powerful Criminal Justice Committee said he will spearhead a much-needed Reform of the State’s Juvenile Justice System in the wake of a Miami Herald Series that detailed the existence of a Mercenary System in which Detainees are given honey buns and other treats as a reward for pounding other youths.  Mary Ellen Klas reports.


Joe Negron’s Class Act:  “Here, Dorothy Hukill, Take My Spot”

Negron, who we’ve already reported as having found a New Gear as he enters his last year in Leadership, gave up his Primo Parking Spot in the Capitol Garage so that his Colleague, Dorothy Hukill, can use it. Publisher Peter Schorsch reports.


Few Puerto Rican Households Had Flood Insurance

One of the most Eye-Opening Statistics in the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria’s Roar through here is that there were just 5,675 Federal Flood Insurance Policies on an Island with nearly 1.57 Million Housing Units.  The Miami Herald’s Tim Johnson and Kevin G. Hall report.


Distressed Investors are Already Buying Florida and Houston Homes for 40 Cents on the Dollar

Now some are eyeing the Billions of Dollars in Hurricane-Ravaged Property in Texas and Florida and deciding it may be the time to take out their checkbooks.   Prashant Gopal reports for Bloomberg BusinessWeek.




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