Capital to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report, Friday, August 04, 2017 - Colodny Fass

Capital to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report, Friday, August 04, 2017

Date Published: 08-04-2017


Cypress Offers Florida AOB-Blunting Deductible Plan

The Patented Plan applies to up to 2 percent of the Insured Value of the Covered Home or Condominium, without applying Fees, Interest or requiring Credit Checks.  Insurance Insider reports.


Citizens Insurance Finds 315 More Post-Storm Claims Adjusters

Citizens Property Insurance has found another 315 Claims Adjusters to deploy after the next major Hurricane — hopefully reducing long waits for Customers who will be eager to get paid and start making repairs.  The Sun-Sentinel’s Ron Hurtibise reports.


Former Florida Senator McKay Appointed to Citizens Board of Governors

McKay succeeds Former Board Member, Juan Cocuy, for a Three-Year Term ending July 31, 2020.  Insurance Journal reports.


Gambling With Mother Nature

While Politicians still debate whether Climate Change or the impact — Rising Sea Levels — are real, Insurers already are preparing, especially in States like Florida. Besides the Cost, the results could impact where people can live.  Dale White and Dinah Voyles Pulver reports for Gatehouse Media.


Can Charlie Crist Save Florida From Hurricanes?  He Prays, Again, That He Can

Knock on Wood, good thing Crist made it to the Wall this year. That surprise Tropical Storm Emily was Monday, so before his Prayer was made.  Amy Hollyfield reports for the Tampa Bay Times.


U.S. Approves Medicaid Extension, $1.5 Billion Low-Income Pool For Florida Healthcare

Dealing with Two Major Issues in Florida’s Healthcare System, Federal Officials Thursday approved a Five-Year Extension of a Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Program and finalized a $1.5 Billion Pot of Funding to help with Charity Care.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Saunders reports via the Miami Herald.


Florida Skilled nursing facilities suing managed care groups over delayed Medicaid payments

The suit, Filed Wednesday in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, was brought by a group of 10 skilled nursing operators against seven managed care companies including affiliates of Humana, Molina Healthcare and United HealthCare.   Emily Mongan reports for McKnights.


Out Of Money, Florida Health Choices Insurance Exchange Shuts Down

Governor Rick Scott’s Veto ended up being the death knell for the State’s Fledgling Insurance Exchange, kept afloat for years by Legislators embracing the Pet Project of Marco Rubio. Tia Mitchell reports for the Florida Times-Union.


Drug Detox Center Could Get Almost $1 Million From Lawsuit Settlement With Fort Pierce

A Payout by the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, the City's Carrier, would not affect the General Fund, the Account that pays for City Services.  Keona Gardner reports for


Florida Law Will Let Patients Get All Their Drug Renewals At The Same Time

Starting next year, Florida’s new Medication Synchronization Law goes into Effect.  Michelle Andrews reports for Kaiser Health News.


Florida Among States to See Drop in Opioid-Related Workers’ Compensation Claims

The Study, Longer-Term Dispensing of Opioids, 4th Edition, by the Workers Compensation Research Institute, examined trends of Longer-Term Dispensing of Opioids in 26 State Workers’ Compensation Systems.  Insurance Journal reports.


Lack of Residency Slots in Florida Leaves Some Doctors Without Licenses

Florida will have to do more to overcome a Projected Shortage of about 7,000 Doctors by 2025, Medical Officials say.  Julio Ochoa reports for WLRN.


Bill Seeks Payment for Injured Sunbather

A Legal Concept known as “Sovereign Immunity” typically shields Government Agencies from paying large amounts in such Lawsuits.  But the Legislature, through passage of Claim Bills, can direct Agencies to make Payments.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via


Florida Supreme Court Warns Residents Of Email, Phone Scams

Court Officials Advise that State Courts in Florida do not make Initial Contact by Email or Phone to ask people to appear before a Judge or to pay money. For these things, people are either told in person or through Delivery by Regular-Delivery Mail.  The Associated Press reports via


Florida Will Pay $82,000 After Losing Vote-By-Mail Lawsuit

The Florida Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee Sued the State last year because the Law did not require Voters to be notified if their Signatures on their Ballot and Voter Registration Forms don’t match.  A Federal Judge called the Law “Illogical” and “Bizarre”.  The Daily Commercial reports.


After “Hard and Messy” Battle, Visit Florida Faces New Problems

A dozen Local Tourism Programs said goodbye, severing their Partnerships with Visit Florida when the New Fiscal Year began July 1 rather than comply with the many New Transparency Requirements.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Steve Bousquet reports.


Firefighters Take Their Fight For Pay Raise To Florida Supreme Court

After a Divided Appeals Court sided with Governor Rick Scott, a Battle about his 2015 Veto of Pay Raises for State Firefighters could be Decided by the Florida Supreme Court.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Saunders reports via the Palm Beach Post.


Miami's Special Senate Election Getting National Attention

In an Off-Year Summer with little else on the Campaign Landscape, the Special Election for Florida Senate District 40 is grabbing National Attention.  Matt Dixon reports for Politico Florida.


Florida Could Lose Millions of Investment Dollars if Trump-Backed Immigration Bill Passes

EB-5 Money has helped Finance everything from the huge Downtown Miami Station for the upcoming All Aboard Florida Railroad Line to SkyRise Miami, the Thousand-Foot Skyscraper Schedule to Launch in 2020.  Glenn Garvin reports for the Miami Herald.




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