Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report - Monday, March 13, 2017 - Colodny Fass

Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report - Monday, March 13, 2017

Date Published: 03-13-2017


Blaming Claims Abuses, Property Insurers Seek Steep Rate Increases

Some of the largest Insurance Companies in South Florida are seeking Rate Hikes again, and Homeowners are due for some nasty surprises at Renewal Time.  The Sun-Sentinel’s Ron Hurtibise reports.


Wildfire Season Could Be Hot, Damaging in Florida — Thanks to La Niña

This Wildfire Season in Florida, Smokey Bear may be in for a workout.  The Miami Herald’s Jenny Staletovich reports.


Florida Among Several States Confronting Drug Formulary Questions

In Florida, HB 95 was introduced by State Representative Ralph Massullo to prevent a Drug being dropped from a Formulary, or moved to a Higher-Priced Tier, in the middle of the Insurance Plan Year.  Erin Clark reports for


Keenan & Associates Enters Agreement with Florida-Based AssuredPartners

Keenan & Associates, a Torrance, California-Based Insurance Consulting and Brokerage Firm, has entered into an Agreement to join Lake Mary, Fla.-Based Brokerage AssuredPartners Inc., Insurance Journal reports.


House Votes to Kill Enterprise Florida Despite Rick Scott's Pressure

The Florida House Voted Friday to Kill the Agency Governor Rick Scott has relied on for the last six years to hand out Tax Credits to lure Business to the Sunshine State to create jobs.  Jeremy Wallace reports for the Tampa Bay Times.


Florida Growth Calls for Major Infrastructure Improvements

Florida earned a "C" Grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers, which released its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card last week.  The Orlando Business Journal reports.


Dispute Over Bill Frays Nerves, Exposes Fractures in Negron's Senate Leadership Team

The Trial Lawyers were on the cusp of scoring a big win against the Business and Insurance Lobby, their deep-rooted Political Rivals, but then State Sen. Lauren Book entered the Legislative Committee Room.  Matt Dixon and Marc Caputo report for Politico Florida.


Florida Officials Haggle over Medical Marijuana

Half a Dozen Bills have been Filed in the Legislature this year to implement the Constitutional Amendment approved by 71 percent of Voters in November.  Zac Anderson reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


House Passes Six Year Ban on Lobbying for Former Florida Lawmakers, Elected Officials

Under the Proposal, Former Legislators and Elected Officials would not be allowed to Lobby in Florida for any Person, Entity or State Government Agency for six years.   Nearly all House Members Voted in Favor of HB 7003, approving the measure by a Vote of 110-3.  Allison Nielsen reports for


Miami-Dade Lawmakers Want Criminal Penalties for Fraud and Abuse by Condo Directors

After Decades of struggling against a Condo Regulatory System that experts say perpetuates impunity and makes it easy to commit Fraud, thousands of Condominium Owners in Florida may finally see substantial changes in State Laws. Brenda Medina and Erika Carrillo report for El Nuevo Herald.


Bill Would Ease Glut of Regulations That Stifle Business, Sponsor Explains

“I’m afraid if something isn’t done now, our Kids’ Dreams of opening their Own Business will be unattainable because of the increasingly difficult Business Environment created by Local Governments.” State Representative Randy Fine writes in




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